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Chief KRA225BKontour™ KRA225 Centris™ Extreme Tilt Monitor Head Accessory

Use the Kontour™ KRA225 Centris™ Extreme Tilt Monitor Head accessory to easily upgrade any enhanced K2 series articulating arm mount with the benefits of the enhanced Centris Extreme Tilt head, which includes a full 75-degrees of tilt up of the monitor and quick-release interface for easy monitor servicing.


  • KRA225 Centris Extreme Tilt Monitor Head can be used to upgrade any enhanced Kontour K2 series product to the more fully-featured Extreme Tilt head assembly found on the enhanced Kontour K1 series
  • Enhanced 


Notes: See Accessories Tab for applicable K2 mount products. This accessory is not compatible with Gen 1 K2 products.
Shipping Weight: 3.00
Tilt: +75°, -10°
Weight Capacity: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)

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