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Christie CDXL-SP LampsBrighter, longer-lasting Digital Cinema Xenon lamps


Christie's Superior Performance Xenolite lamp series uses the latest in Xenon lamp technology to provide increased brightness, improved stability and a longer life span in
digital cinema projection solutions.
Increased brightness creates more captivating 2D and 3D experiences without affecting overall lamp performance. Our Superior Performance Xenolite lamps are brighter and last 30% longer than existing Xenon lamps. But they still offer the same extraordinary 99.999% in-cinema uptime. This means the show will go on – brighter and with a lower total cost of ownership.

The benefits of Christie Superior Performance Xenolite lamps:

  • More usable hours for your money
    • Longer warranties mean you can use the lamp longer under warranty
    • Fewer lamp replacements mean a lower cost of operation
    • Fewer lamp replacements mean less maintenance
  • More lumens for your money
    • Less brightness drop-off means more available brightness
    • Less brightness drop-off means less power required
    • Less power required means lower energy costs and lower cost of operation
  • More stable brightness and reliability
    • New lamp technology gives Superior Performance lamps better arc stability and ignition performance
    • New performance with the same 99.999% in-cinema uptime reliability



Expected lamp life

Maximum lumens


 CDXL-20SP  4,000 hrs  9,000/10,000  CP2220, CP4220/CP2230, CP4230
 CDXL-30SP  2,800 hrs  16,000/19,000  CP2220, CP4220/CP2230, CP4230
 CDXL-45SP  1,500 hrs  24,000/26,000  CP2230/CP4230
 CDXL-60SP  1,100 hrs  32,000/34,000  CP2230/CP4230




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